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Young CEO Lily Adeleye Lands Brand Walmart Deal, Becomes Youngest Black-Owned Brand In History

Lily Adeleye is the youngest chief executive officer of a Black-owned brand to land a distribution deal with Walmart, WWD reports.

Lily Frilly launched four hair accessories (the Gold & Glitter Hair Bow, the Galaxy Girl Hair Bow, the Safari Party Hair Bow, and the Candy Rush Hair Bow) at the retailer, marking her second major distribution deal.

Four styles of her Hair bows are being sold. This is the second major retailer that she has made inroads with for distribution. Last year Lily Frilly was introduced at Target

Lily Adeleye, the 6-year old founder of Lily Frilly, became the youngest CEO (not just of a Black-owned brand, but ANY brand) to line up a Walmart distribution deal. Over 1,000 stores!!

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