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  • Ed Gaines

Woman Wins $188 Million Powerball and Her Ex-Fiance is Suing Her... From Prison

A woman won the $188 million Powerball jackpot in 2015, but ended up getting $87.9 million after taxes. Now her ex-fiance is suing her to get the generous gifts she got for him back, after she allegedly sold the items after they split up.

The ex accused the woman of breaching her fiduciary duty when she reportedly gave away his 77-acre dirt bike track, his car repair shop and tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewelry while he was in prison.

The woman said in court filings the gifts were never in her ex’s name and legally belonged to her.

They started dating in 2012 and had 2 daughters together. The ex was arrested in November 2014 and charged with drug trafficking. Two months later, the woman won the lottery.

After they split up in 2017, the ex heard the woman was dating someone new and had given away his clothing and the dirt bike track, in addition to shutting down the car repair shop.

The lawsuit makes claims for breach of fiduciary duty, conversion and breach of bailment. The ex is seeking a jury trial and more than $25,000 in damages.

Attorneys for the woman said the lawsuit was filed outside the 3-year statute of limitations, which expired last year, and that the ex never legally owned the property in question, worth more than $1.4 million.

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