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  • Ed Gaines

Whoopi Goldberg demands apology from Royal Family for slavery

Whoopi Goldberg has joined calls for the British royal family to apologize for slavery on The View, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of the #Caribbean continue to attract criticism.

This is what Whoopi said on The View.

”We cannot ignore the fact that Britain ran roughshod over India for years," said the 66-year-old. "Let us not forget, when we talk about what needs to happen, all the folks that need to apologize."

"Listen, this is not new, I suspect Charles, when he was in Barbados [in 2021] had some idea because he went on and apologized as he was releasing the hold that Britain has. So perhaps somebody is listening, and it’s the new group of folks – I don’t know if it’s Charles, William, but one of them is supposed to be the person."

Goldberg’s remarks come in the wake of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “charm offensive” in Jamaica, where Prince William described the slave trade as “abhorrent” and expressed “profound sorrow”, but stopped short of apologizing for his ancestors’ role in it.

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