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Walmart Misused $20,000 of a $80,000 Christmas Gift by Chicago Bears Linebacker Khalil Mack

Walmart admits their managers misused $20,000 of a Christmas donation from a foundation associated with Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack. 

Mack's foundation made an $80,000 donation last month to a Walmart in Fort Piece, Florida where Mack was born and raised.

The donation went towards 350 layaway accounts that totaled $60,000. The remaining funds reportedly went to employees in a decision made by the store's management.  In a statement, a Walmart spokesperson would not share whether the people who made the decision would be disciplined. 

A Walmart spokesperson said, "We have determined the store did not handle the transaction in keeping with Walmart's guidelines and have taken corrective action.”

An employee not included in the donation alerted Walmart officials about the incident and Walmart would not say how many employees were a part of the spending. 

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