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  • Ed Gaines

Waka Flocka Flame Says Coronavirus is ‘Fake’ and ‘Minorities Can’t Catch It'

During an interview, Waka Flocka talked about his marriage with Tammy Rivera before claiming that he and millions of others immune to the coronavirus. Flocka said, “It’s fake ... minorities can’t catch it, we’re straight". "Name one though," he said when challenged about that comment. "We all descended from the same person,” he continued. “Now, did we catch it?” When a radio host asked about reports about the deadly disease hitting his hometown of Atlanta, the rapper said,  “It hit the people passing through our airport, it ain’t touch them soul food folks." Rivera attempted to shift from her husband’s ignorant commentary, commenting she didn’t like the term “minority” because she doesn’t feel like people of color are the minority.

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