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  • Ed Gaines

Victoria’s Secret Karen ‘attacks black woman then Freaks Out while being recorded (Video)

A New Jersey woman who's being labeled "Victoria's Secret Karen" broke down in tears and pretended to pass out as she was being recorded by another woman who claims the 'Karen' tried to hit her.

The black woman who was recording the incident claims the blonde woman nearly attacked her right before she started recording.

She claims that as soon as she started rolling, the woman's behavior changed in an instant; going from alleged aggressor to playing the full-blown victim. The woman falls to the ground and starts crying, repeatedly demanding she stop recording.

Interestingly, some shoppers came to the so-called Karen's defense, as the other woman continued to record.

Police eventually showed up, and the woman reportedly told police she was upset about the recording because she was worried the video would be shared online and she would potentially lose her job.

The police didn’t arrest anyone, or remove the “Karen" from the store. They said there was no legal precedent to do so based on the circumstances. They also found no evidence that anyone had been assaulted.

Regardless, the woman who was recording filed a complaint with the police department over their handling of the situation. An investigation is underway to determine if any punishments need to be handed down.

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