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She Made History As The Youngest Female Equity Trader On Wall Street

Lauren Simmons Was The Only Young African-American Female Full-Time Trader On The New York Stock Exchange Floor! At 22 years old, Lauren Simmons shattered the glass ceiling by being the youngest and only full-time female equity trader on Wall Street for Rosenblatt Securities. Affectionately dubbed as the “Lone Woman On Wall Street”, Simmons was also the second African-American woman in history to sport the prestigious badge.

”In 2017 I said no to limiting beliefs so I could say yes to shattering glass ceilings and making history. I continue to bet on myself and stand above all the no’s people throw my way. Frankly, I thrive on people who doubt me,” said Simmons.

After spending almost two years as an equity trader, Simmons left the Wall Street firm to pursue her own path.

Simmons, who worked for Rosenblatt Securities, left Wall Street in December 2018 and now serves as a personal finance speaker, author, producer and host of the new streaming series “Going Public.

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