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Teenager Drove 6 Hours to Shop for Prom Store Owner Gave Her A Free $700 Dress

Summer Lucille, owner of the boutique Juicy Body Goddess, gave a high school senior a surprise.

Lucille told why she started the boutique,

“If you weren’t skinny, there weren’t many options, and it was devastating for me because I’ve always loved fashion,” “I went to my prom looking like a church lady in a suit dress with a jacket because it was the only thing that fit.

“It was a very sad period in my life,” she continues. “But I’m thankful for those experiences now.” 

That’s why when Elise Monroe, A teenager, drove six hours to find the prom dress of her dreams at her boutique not only did she find the one, she got it for free.

Lucille told People, “I went in and the mom and the aunties kept asking, 'How much is this dress?' " she recalls. "I said, 'Well, we'll worry about the price when we get to the register.' "

It was a $700 gown.

Summer Lucille, is the owner of Juicy Body Goddess, a plus-size only boutique in North Carolina.

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