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Tamar Braxton's Reality Show Postponed After Apparent Suicide Attempt

Tamar Braxton's upcoming reality show premiere is being pushed back by the network after the apparent suicide attempt that sent her to a hospital.

WE TV said they are postponing the debut of her new series, "Get Ya Life!," from July 30th to September 10th because of "the current situation" with Tamar.

WE TV says its first concern is for Tamar's recovery and well-being and the timing just isn't right to debut the new show.

Tamar was rushed to a hospital July 16th after her boyfriend called 911 from their hotel room in downtown Los Angeles. EMTs found Tamar unconscious inside her room when they arrived. She was hospitalized and has since improved to stable condition.

Her boyfriend claimed that she was distraught and mixed pills with alcohol because she’s been feuding with WE tv over her portrayal in the first episode.

The network has not commented on the alleged beef, but says Tamar is "an incredibly important member" of the WE TV family.

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