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  • Ed Gaines

Surgeon General Says 15 Days of Lockdown 'Won't Be Enough'

Surgeon General Jerome Adams says it could take longer than 15 days to slow the spread of coronavirus. He also said that Americans must 'pitch in' and do their part now to stay home and self-isolate if they want the virus to die. President Trump issued a 15-day set of guidelines to people to work from home where possible and practice social distancing. Millions have taken that advice and are avoiding going out. Some are calling for a two-week national shutdown to force people indoors.  Adams said that the practical advice for Americans was to stay at home for the next 15 days and avoid social gatherings but it would 'likely' take longer to stunt the spread of the virus. “We need to lean into it now to bend the curve over the next 15 days and at that point we will reassess.”

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