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  • Ed Gaines

Supreme Court rejects appeal of Bill Cosby’s overturned conviction

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an attempt to reinstate the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby, which was overturned last year by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Cosby and his family’s publicist Andrew Wyatt said this in a statement,

“Mr. Cosby's Constitutional Rights were a 'reprehensible bait and switch' by Kevin Steele, Judge Steve T. O'Neill and their cohorts," Wyatt said. "This is truly a victory for Mr. Cosby but it shows that cheating will never get you far in life and the corruption that lies within Montgomery County District's Attorney Office has been brought to the center stage of the world."

Wyatt said that the 84-year-old Cosby, is in good health despite being legally blind. He said that “many people are calling for projects for him" and that he is considering a final standup tour.

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