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  • Ed Gaines

Super Bowl Fans Are Comparing Demi Lovato's National Anthem Performance to Whitney Houston’s

Last night, Demi Lovato kicked off the Super Bowl by singing the National Anthem.

Many artists attempt to make it their own, but Demi kept it to the original.

Fans are now saying that her rendition may be a tie with Whitney Houston.

Houston’s 1991 performance is considered to be one of the best National Anthem renditions of all time. 

After Demi’s performance, the internet exploded with comparisons between her and Houston.

One fan tweeted, "Best rendition of that since Whitney Houston did it. Love Demi Lovato.” 

Another fan said, "I must say... Demi Lovato just made second best of all time behind Whitney Houston singing this damn anthem. I'm not arguing with nobody about it.”

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