• Ed Gaines

Star Jones to Serve as Judge on ‘Divorce Court’

Lawyer, journalist and former “The View” co-host Star Jones has been appointed judge of the first-run syndicated series “Divorce Court,” starting in September.

“Divorce Court” dates back to the late 1950’s, when actors used to reenact actual divorce proceedings. Today, the program features real people and real cases — ranging from divorce court proceedings to other domestic disputes.

Judge Faith Jenkins will continue through the end of Season 23 and Jones will join for Season 24. Jones, a former assistant district attorney in New York and former legal correspondent on NBC’s “Today Show,” “Nightly News” and more, said that she will “offer the parties before ‘Divorce Court,’ as well as viewers, a no-nonsense approach to the law and a decision driven by my proven legal expertise, compassion and empathy, personal experiences and hard-earned common sense.”

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