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Snoop Dogg’s Commentary Wins Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones Jr. Fight

“This sh*t like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue,” rapper quipped

If you were wondering why Mike Tyson decided to get back in the ring over the weekend, toad venom told him to do it.

Tyson had an eight-round exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday.

He said: ”I took the medicine and the medicine told me to get into shape.”

The medicine he’s talking about is toad venom, which is a psychedelic drug.

Tyson said, ”It really blew my mind. It told me to come back and start getting in shape." So Tyson returned to training and says he dropped 100 pounds.

For his first bout in 15 years, 54-year-old Tyson weighed in at 220 pounds, 10 more than Jones, who is 51-years-old.

FYI… an exhibition match has slightly different rules. The rounds are two minutes instead of three, the fight gets stopped if there's a cut. The fights are scored and a winner declared by the World Boxing Council.

Tyson-Jones Fight Ends in a Draw

Mike Tyson traded punches with Roy Jones Jr. for eight rounds. The fight ended in a draw, with money going to various charities.

Tyson apparently enjoyed the experience. He said, “I'm happy I'm not knocked out. I’ll look better in the next one.”

Tyson showed glimpses of his destructive prime. Tyson had the most impactful punches, showing off versions of the footwork and combinations that made him the world's most feared fighter.

After eight two-minute rounds, both Tyson and Jones walked away smiling and apparently healthy.

Tyson reportedly got $10 million for the fight, while Roy Jones Jr. was said to take home $3 million.

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