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Snoop Blasts Gayle King For Questioning Lisa Leslie About Kobe Bryant’s Rape Charge

Gayle King is taking some heat over a controversial question she posted to WNBA player Lisa Leslie regarding the legacy of her friend Kobe Bryant-- specifically, his 2003 rape charge.

The criminal case against Bryant was dropped on Sept. 1, 2004, after the accuser declined to testify. In August of that year, the woman filed a civil lawsuit, which was settled out of court on March 2, 2005.

In a statement, King responded to criticism surrounding her discussion with Leslie.

"I understand why people are upset seeing that clip out of context. I hope they will now watch the entire wide-ranging interview. We asked a longtime friend of Kobe Bryant’s to talk to us about his legacy and their friendship and Lisa Leslie did exactly that."

Leslie told King, "I just never have ever seen him being the kind of person that would do something to violate a woman or be aggressive in that way. That was just never the person that I know."

King had follow-up comments.

"But Lisa, you wouldn't see it, though," she said. "As his friend, you wouldn't see it."

Leslie replied, "And that's possible. I just don't believe that."

King then asked if it's "even a fair question to talk about" the accusation, "considering he's no longer with us and that it was resolved," or if it is "really part of his history."

According to Leslie, the media "should be more respectful at this time."

Snoop Dogg posted video of himself calling out King, her connections to Oprah, and, even threatening her at the very end. 

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