• Ed Gaines

'Shyne', Former Hip Hop Star And Convicted Felon is Now A POLITICIAN

'Shyne', the former rapper who was deported to Belize after opening fire at a New York club during a night out with P Diddy and Jennifer Lopez has returned to the United States as a politician 10 years later.

Once a rising hip hop star and prodigy of Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Jamal 'Shyne' Barrow seemed to have faded into obscurity after he was arrested for a shooting in a midtown Manhattan night club and deported to his home country of Belize.

But now, more than 10 years later, Barrow is back in the United States - no longer as a convicted felon or a hip hop star, but instead as the leader of Belize's opposition party trying to improve relations between the two countries.

He met with United States representatives from New York as he walked the halls of Congress this month, a free man, and even reconciled with his former mentor, Combs.


Shyne was on his way to stardom in December 1999, having just released his self-titled debut album, which he decided to celebrate with Combs and Combs' then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez at Club New York.

But Puff accidentally bumped into Matthew 'Scar' Allen and spilled his drink, leading to a heated argument that ended with a wad of cash being thrown in Puff Daddy's face.

Eventually, shots rang out and three people were injured.

JLo, Puff, and his bodyguard quickly fled the scene but were pulled over for running a red light and arrested for storing a gun in the getaway car.

Combs was then charged in the shooting but was later acquitted, while Barrow (Shyne) was sentenced to 10 years in prison on assault and weapons charges. He has said he was defending himself, a stance he still maintains. Lopez did not face any charges over the scandal but split up with Combs shortly afterward.

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