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  • Ed Gaines

Sheriff Mike Blakely Spends 2 Weeks in Jail and Gives it a 5-Star Review

Alabama Sheriff Mike Blakely who once ran the Limestone County jail is eating his own jail food and he loves it.

The sheriff was convicted of taking no-interest loans from a fund for prisoners’ money and taking $4,000 from his own campaign account. He maintains his innocence but made no complaints about his incarceration.

He said, “Best jail in the state of Alabama. The food was real good, the staff took very good care of me."

He praised his treatment by fellow inmates and he declined when people offered to bring him meals.

He's currently out on bond while appealing his conviction in August, but he spent two weeks locked up in his former workplace. Before he was removed from office, the 70-year-old was the state's longest-serving sheriff.

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