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  • Ed Gaines

Shaquille O'Neal Rips Kyrie Irving Over Anti-Vaxx Stance

Shaquille O’Neal thinks the Brooklyn Nets should cut ties with Kyrie Irving if he won't be able to play home games due to being unvaccinated.

Irving has been under attack for reportedly not getting vaccinated and he currently won't be able to play home games due to New York’s COVID-19 mandate.

Shaq was asked what he'd do if Kyrie misses half the season and he said, “I would go upstairs and say, 'Get him up out of here.’ We can win with a two-punch and a great shooter and some rebounders like we got. Get his ass up out of here.”

Shaq added, “Of course, if I played with him, I’d be in charge all the way, all day. Whoever owns the Brooklyn Nets, get him up out of here."

Shaq claims he’s not going to “knock” Irving’s right to have an opinion, but he has to think about the bigger picture.

He said,“In this game of ours, sometimes you have to think about others instead of yourself. Now, Kyrie has his own views and his opinions. I’m not going to knock that. He does have an obligation because he took that $200 million. Once you sign up for this life there is no privacy. And you have to accept it.”

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