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Sandra Denton Sues Doctor Over Allegedly Botched Butt Job

Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa claims a doctor pressured her into multiples butt surgeries and botched them.

Pepa is now suing Dr. David Sayah for negligence, claiming he talked her into 3 separate procedures to repair damage she suffered in a July 2018 car accident.

She says the wreck made the biopolymer injections she previously had in her butt and hips shift, leaving her in extreme discomfort. Pepa says she was referred to the doctor in September 2019 to help her out, and the plan was to remove the biopolymer material and butt implants to relieve her pain.

According to the suit, the doctor initially convinced Pep to simply replace her butt implants with smaller ones because she claims he told her she'd be distraught if she went back to her natural look.

Pepa alleges the doctor performed an unsuccessful liposuction, which required yet another corrective surgery.

Before that, she claims the doctor pressured her into a different procedure which caused her butt to harden and knot up, making it difficult and stressful for her to perform on stage.

She claims the third and final surgery was in February 2020 when he finally removed the biopolymer material or so she thought.

Pepa says she went to another doctor because her butt was still hurting and, after an MRI, discovered a "large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue remaining.”

Pepa's suing the doctor for allegedly disfiguring her and says she'll likely suffer from the injuries for the rest of her life. She also says she's gonna need even more surgery.

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