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Rihanna Sparks Outrage for Wearing Hindu Pendant in Topless Photo

Rihanna has come under fire for wearing a Hindu pendant.

On Monday, she shared a photo of herself on social media in which she posed topless, covering her chest with her arm. In the photo, Rihanna wore lavender boxer shorts along with matching purple jewelry, one piece being a necklace that featured the Hindu god, Ganesha, which didn't sit well with some fans.

Users slammed Rihanna on social media and accused her of cultural appropriation, calling the photo "insulting, "disrespectful" and "super offensive.”

One user commented, ”Rihanna !! stop using my religion as an aesthetic !! that ganesh figurine at the end of the chain :( is a holy and sacred figure for us hindus.”

A person said, “This is insulting," while another added, "This is really disrespectful to our religion.”

Another user tweeted, "Super offensive wearing Ganesha like that. My first god, a holy sentiment to millions of people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi every year. Sorry RiRi, you disappointed me and others.”

This is the second time Rihanna has sparked controversy this month. Rihanna made headlines after she showed her support for farmers who were protesting new agriculture laws in India. She tweeted a link to a CNN report about how internet access was cut off around New Delhi after protesting farmers clashed with police.

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