• Ed Gaines

Real Milli Vanilli Singer John Davis Dies of COVID-19

Singer John Davis — who was one of the real voices behind the commercial pop act Milli Vanilli — has died.

His voice can be heard on the 1989 album “Girl You Know It’s True,” which saw its Grammy stripped away after it was revealed the band’s frontmen, Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus, were lip-syncing on the record’s hit tracks.

Davis’ daughter Jasmin wrote on Facebook that her dad “made a lot of people happy” with his music.

A South Carolina native, Davis moved to Germany where he along with other session singers, became the vocalists behind the handsome pop duo’s success. Despite the scandal, Milli Vanilli sold more than 11 million albums.

Davis was credited only as a backup singer in the German act’s “Girl You Know it’s True”title track. It was one of several songs from Milli Vanilli’s smash album — including a trio of number one hits — that charted in the U.S.

Davis stayed in Germany and worked with Morvan as part of the musical act Face Meets Voice. (Pilatus died from a drug overdose in 1998.)

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