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Rapper Talib Kweli Banned From Twitter

Rapper Talib Kweli has been kicked off Twitter for allegedly harassing a woman over a period of weeks. 

His dispute with the woman started July 9th, when she responded to a tweet containing a list of Black rappers, including Kweli, who are married to Black women. 

She said,"Literally almost all of them are married to lightskinned women but that’s a conversation for another day.” 

Kweili responded by saying,"Nah let’s have this convo today … I mean, is any of this really any of your business?" 

She says he then tweeted at her constantly for two weeks, sometimes "for 12 hours straight.” 

The woman received death threats from Kweli's followers and had personal information, including photos of her parents, leaked online.

Kweli says he wasn't harassing the woman, but was reacting to her tweets, including some that raised sexual harassment allegations. 

Twitter said Kweli's account was "permanently suspended" for repeated rules violations.

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