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  • Ed Gaines

Rapper Swarmed By NYPD After Driving Around Manhattan With a Roof-Mounted Gun Firing Shirts

A rapper and fashion mogul out of Philly decided to drive around Manhattan in a Hummer with a roof-mounted air rifle that shoots promo T-shirts.

Christopher Stoney was driving his 2006 Hummer Saturday afternoon when the vehicle’s massive, four-foot-long air rifle somehow caught the eye of cops.

The officers also took note of the designs plastered on the side of the military-green vehicle: a trio of yellow bullets and the words “Warchyld” and “Wardrobe.”

The NYPD pulled the Hummer over at West 16th Street, where Stoney, who had two passengers, told them Wardrobe is his clothing company.

It’s a company-owned vehicle, he explained, used to launch T-shirts during promotional events.

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