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R&B Singer Tank Reveals That He is Going Deaf

R&B singer Tank revealed on Instagram Wednesday that he’s going deaf and dealing with other health issues.

Inspite of all he is going through, He has a message for his fans:

“I’m going completely deaf in my right ear and I’m kind of losing sound in my left,” Tank said in the video before revealing that he has been getting medical attention. “I’m dizzy, can’t walk a straight line. All of this out of nowhere. Don’t know how or why. Seen the doctors and got MRIs and all that good stuff going on.”

Tank goes on to say:

“It still hasn’t given me a reason to stop feeling like I can do and be everything that I’ve set out to be,” he continues. “The goals are still the same — to be great, to be the greatest. And I wanna say that to you, too. No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you find yourself, whether your body’s failing you, whether your mind is failing you, whether your spirit is failing you, keep going, keep pushing.”

Keep Tank In Your Prayers.

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