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Queen Latifah Breaks Ground On Housing Development In Newark, NJ

Queen Latifah is giving back to her hometown community of Newark, N.J. by starting a housing development project, which will provide affordable housing.

The development will consist of 76 housing units, with 1900 square feet of floor space designated for use by nonprofit organizations.

Latifah during the event,

”I was born here, St. Michael’s Hospital, so this is definitely my home,” But getting back to Newark, she added, “This is where Sarah Vaughn is from, so I’m proud to be from here.”

150 people gathered at the site of the RISE mixed-use project between Springfield and 19th Avenues, west of 16th Street, near the boundary of Central and West wards.

The project will include 60 two- and three-bedroom market-rate apartments in four townhouse clusters, and 16 affordable units in a separate building. It will also have space for healthcare or other professional offices and nonprofit organizations.

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