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Quavo Goes To D.C. As An Advocate Against Gun Violence after Takeoff’s Shooting Death

Migos rapper Quavo suffered trauma after seeing his nephew Takeoff shot last year. He said it’s a disturbing sight he doesn’t want anyone else to experience.

Quavo is now a vocal advocate against gun violence. He met privately with Vice President Kamala Harris and later spoke on a panel about combating the issue during the Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference in Washington on Wednesday.

Quavo said,

“I feel like your calling comes at the least expected times,” “You don’t think nothing is going to happen,” Quavo continued. “I need to step up to the plate and hit a homerun. I have to do something about it, so it won’t happen to the masses — especially in our culture. I don’t want this to happen to the next person. I want to knock down these percentages.”

Quavo continued:

“We need to do better with the control of guns,” “We need to figure out how do we keep these types of incidents from happening to people going anywhere and thinking they can hurt somebody where it shouldn’t happen.”

“And how do you keep them out of the hands of people that make bad decisions?” he said. “I’m kind of in a half-and-half place. Even police have guns. Unfortunately, some of the people in our culture and loved ones have been lost to police brutality. It’s all about choices and how we can put a filter on who can use these guns.”

He told CNN in a statement,

“Music is storytelling and no one can tell my story better than me. For me and my family, the fight against gun violence is personal and not something we are going to forget,” “We are coming to DC, bringing the voices of millions of families with us that have been hurt by this kind of violence.”

Takeoff’s mother accompanied Quavo along with Quavo’s mother to the nation’s capital for the event.

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