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Parents Think Their Kids Are Now 2 Grades Behind Because of Remote Learning Struggles

The average parent believes their child is 2-grade level because of remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Half of American parents even think all children should retake their grade from 2020 this fall because of COVID.

The new survey of 2,000 American parents with children between 8 and 13 examined the increasing education gaps kids are facing as people begin to think of a permanent return to in-person education this year.

2 in 3 parents are terrified their kids now hate learning because they’re so frustrated with remote classwork. Another 63% say they’ve noticed decreased engagement in their child’s schoolwork.

63% of parents confessed it pains them to see their kids struggling through schoolwork, leaving many respondents feeling helpless. More than half the poll admit they aren’t confident in their abilities to help their children stay on top of their classwork and hit key milestones.

The summer is presenting an opportune time for many parents hoping to have their kids catch up. Two in three parents say they’re considering signing their kids up for enrichment programs.

Among those planning to hit the books this summer, the average parent is dedicating two hours a day to go over key concepts with their kids.

As many play catch-up this summer, some parents still have little faith in what their kids will learn in the fall. 68% percent worry today’s education system doesn’t adequately prepare students for the skills they’ll need in the real world.

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