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  • Ed Gaines

OJ Simpson Slams LeBron James' Tweet

OJ Simpson, a convicted felon, former NFL star, and one-time suspected murderertweeted a video in which he took issue with LeBron James after the NBA star's controversial comments on the Ohio police officer who fatally shot Ma’Khia Bryant.

Simpson said, "The police guy had no choice, he responded. We wish he could have pulled a taser, we wish he could have done it in another way, but in that instance, if he hadn't done what he did, it appears to me that another young American would have had her life taken" because the 16-year-old Bryant had a knife.

O.J. continued, "I’m a little upset with most of the media who showed us edited versions of what took place with the girl with the knife. They made it sound like it was another police officer overreacting and killing a young Black American."

He added that he does admire LeBron for his social activism, particularly in fighting systemic racism, but that he should have waited for more information.

Simpson said, "It’s a war that must be fought but sometimes you need to take your time and be a little more patient before you comment on some of these bad incidents that are happening with police departments".

Simpson had, just days prior, posted a video about the Derek Chauvin verdict in which he said the former Minneapolis cop "deserve[d]" to be convicted in George Floyd's death.

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