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Nick Cannon Says Black People Turned on Him for Apologizing

Nick Cannon feels like he’s in a no-win situation over his anti-Semitic comments and his apology for them. Now fans are concerned about his well being.

The TV and radio host tweeted, “I hurt an entire community and it pained me to my core, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Then I watched my own community turn on me and call me a sell-out for apologizing. Goodnight. Enjoy Earth.”

An hour later, he tweeted, "Y'all can have this planet. I'm out!

Some fans online took Nick's tweets as a sign he might harm himself.

RELATED: Nick Cannon Hints at Suicidal Thoughts After Friend Takes His Own Life

Nick Cannon seemed to have contemplated suicide when he talked about his friend who he says took his own life on Saturday. 

Nick said he was in "dark contemplation of continuing my physical existence on this planet," and admired his friend who "had the balls to do it."

Nick recounted the story of his friend, Ryan Bowers an up-and-coming rapper, who was shot in his own home last year by a San Diego cop.  Nick says Ryan was in a coma for months and Nick was by his side.

Nick says on the surface, Ryan seemed to rebound, returning to perform to sold-out crowds. But, Ryan was hurting, whispering to Nick, "Everything still hurts.”

He said,"I can't help but think if I wasn't so engulfed in my own bullsh-t I could've been there for you when you finally took your life after several attempts …F—k this place!! #CantWin #ForLosing

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