• Ed Gaines

NBA Legend Dominique Wilkins Accuses Atlanta Restaurant of Racism Restaurant Responds

Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins accused the Atlanta restaurant Le Bilboquet of racism for not allowing him entrance.

Dominique tweeted: That’s exactly what happened. I would have been fine if they said just no tables. But they looked me up and down before that and then said that and to add insult, talked about how my clothes were not appropriate when I was wearing designer casual pants and a shirt

The restaurant provided a statement denying racism, saying its dress code is strictly enforced because of its patrons.

"We, at Le Bilboquet, do our best to accommodate all of our guests. However, we have received consistent complaints from our patrons regarding other guests' wardrobe choices," the statement read. "As a result, to protect our restaurant's culture, we installed a minimum standard in our 'business casual' attire dress code, which includes jeans and sneakers but prohibits baseball caps and athletic clothing, including sweat pants and tops. Though the definition of 'casual' is ever-evolving, we strive to maintain our policy requirements daily, but it isn't a perfect system."

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