• Ed Gaines

Mike Tyson Will Thay Hello! For Three Hundred Bucks

Mike Tyson signed on with Cameo and locked up $20,000 in bookings in the first 6 hours! Cameo is a service where people can pay to have their favorite celebs make a custom short video for a fee. Everyone from Bethenny Frankel to Dwight Howard, to Brett Favre and Mark McGrath, have done it.   The 53-year-old Tyson joined up with the Cameo crew on Monday where he's offering up video messages for $300-a-pop, and the demand was massive. Reps from Cameo say only a handful of stars have generated the kind of interest Tyson is receiving -- noting Sarah Jessica Parker raked in $50k over 2 days for a charity fundraiser in 2019. Cameo also claims overall bookings are up 30% this week -- likely due to the mass-quarantine situation that has many people stuck at home looking for ways to stay entertained.

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