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Mike Epps & Wife Improves His Hometown in New HGTV Series ‘Buying Back the Block’

Mike Epps and his wife, Kyra Epps, have partnered with HGTV for a new mini-TV series that will show the couple revitalizing the community that raised him In Indianapolis.

Kyra Epps told Blavity,

“Our two little ones are growing up on the same block as Mike did in the ‘70s,” “Over the last two years, Mike and I realized that we needed to be close to our families more than ever. We decided to spend more time in Indianapolis so our children could understand the importance of family and their family history. I am excited to bring my design style to the neighborhood for future families to experience.”

The show will follow Epps, along with his wife Kyra and their construction team, as they remodel homes on his childhood block in Indianapolis, including his grandmother's house.

Mike Epps wrote in an Instagram caption,

“A lot of people claim a Hood a city or a block but don’t own it this is my block in Indiana the before and after,” “I been arrested in this hood a thousand times and lost a many friends to violence and drugs in this [neighborhood] was a full crack house in the 80’s and 90’s look at it now God Is Good I tell all the youngsters to invest in real estate it will take care of you!!!” “oh and I had this land for 25 years or better,” in an effort not to brag but to “inspire.”

HGTV series Buying Back the Block is set to air in the summer of 2023

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