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Michael Jackson's Nephew Will Play The King Of Pop In New Biopic

Michael Jackson’s 26-year-old nephew, Jaafar Jackson, will play the King of Pop in the biopic “Michael” directed by Antoine Fuqua.  Jaafar Jackson is the second-youngest son of Jermaine Jackson.

Jaafar, son of Jermaine Jackson, said on Twitter that he was "humbled and honored" to bring his uncle's story to life.

The movie, "Michael," is being made with the Jackson's family and estate, offering "audiences an in-depth portrayal of the man and our brother who became the King of Pop," said a Jackson family statement in February last year.

King conducted a "worldwide search" for the role:

“I met Jaafar over two years ago and was blown away by the way he organically personifies the spirit and personality of Michael,” said King in a statement. “It was something so powerful that even after conducting a worldwide search, it was clear that he is the only person to take on this role.”

“Jaafar embodies my son,” Katherine Jackson said in a statement. “It’s so wonderful to see him carry on the Jackson legacy of entertainers and performers.”

“Michael” begins filming this year.

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