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Mercedes’ New Electric Car Has a Nap Mode and Doors That Open For You

Mercedes has introduced their largest and most luxurious electric car yet, the Mercedes EQS, which is the battery-powered equivalent of the Mercedes S-Class sedan.

The doors operate automatically, similarly to those on some Tesla models. Door handles extend automatically as the driver approaches and, as the driver gets closer, the doors open. The door can even close itself when the driver steps on the brake. The driver can also operate the passenger doors to allow others to enter and exit the car.

The EQS has a special Power Nap program to help drivers get some sleep during a rest stop. It automatically reclines the driver's seat into a resting position, closes the windows and the sunshade across the glass roof. The interior lighting and temperature are also adjusted to create a soothing atmosphere. Relaxing sounds come from the stereo and images of a starry night sky appear on the dashboard screens. After a while, the car begins a wake-up routine that includes special energizing fragrances and a gentle massage. Finally, the seat back rises and the overhead sunshade opens.

The EQS will initially be offered in two versions, the rear-wheel-drive 329 horsepower EQS 450+ and the all-wheel-drive 516 horsepower EQS 580. Mercedes hasn't announced pricing for the EQS, but it's expected to be over $100,000.

The EQS will go on sale in the US in the fall of this year.

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