• Ed Gaines

Man and Woman Brawl Over Line-Cutting at Packed North Carolina Gas Station

Worries over a fuel shortage after the crucial Colonial Pipeline was hacked and shut down late last week have led to long lines at gas stations across the Southeastern United States and now at least one brawl at the pump.

A woman in Knightdale, North Carolina, apparently attempted to cut the line of cars at a gas station. She ended up hitting an SUV parked at the pump after not being allowed into the line, she got out and spit at the driver.

The male driver then hopped out of his car and proceeded to spit right back at her, and the two ended up fighting. It ended with the man’s shirt being torn.

Both the man and the woman ended up getting arrested.

Colonial Pipeline says it is aiming to be back at full capacity by Friday, with gasoline supplies then returning to normal by early next week.

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