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Malia Obama Is Writing For Donald Glover’s New Upcoming Amazon Series

Donald Glover has confirmed that he’s hired Malia Obama as a writer on his forthcoming Amazon series, tentatively titled “Hive.” according to Vanity Fair.

“She’s just, like, an amazingly talented person,” She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard.” Glover said about Malia.

Donald’s brother Stephen Glover, is also developing the Obama-assisted Amazon series and said this about Malia Obama: “Donald always says perspective is important, and people with different perspectives are important for a writers’ room. And for sure, (Malia) definitely has a unique perspective on everything. So we wanted to hear her stories and have her work with us. Listening to her stories and having her involved really gave us a lot of good ideas.”

Congratulations Malia Obama.

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