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LeBron James Pictured Wearing Top-Secret Apple Headphones That Aren’t Even Out Yet

LeBron James has been photographed wearing what appear to be Apple's new "Beats Studio Buds" headphones.

Rumors about the Beats earbuds have been circulating for a while after images of them were found in the beta versions of iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6.

Apple, which has owned Beats since 2014, hasn't confirmed the existence of the earbuds.

However, some people think they've spotted them in Lebron James's ears.

The Beats will be announced this year and will be available in red, white and black. Leaks and rumors also suggest they'll come with an oval-shaped charging case.

Earlier this week, an FCC report submitted by Apple revealed the basic design of the Beats. It also contained a label for the earbud packaging which stated the name "Beats Studio Buds”.

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