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Keyshia Cole Retiring From Music After Upcoming Album

Keyshia Cole announced that her next album will be her last.

Despite fans thinking it was a joke or that she had been hacked she assured them she was serious.

Keyshia tweeted, “I’m retiring..” And then followed up with, “I’m not lying..”

Fans insisted that the message was a hoax considering she recently performed a successful Verzuz battle with Ashanti.

When fans pressed for the reason as to why she wants to retire, Keyshia confessed her children were behind the announcement. She has two children, one with former NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and another with artist Niko Khale.

Despite the announcement she assured fans they will get one more album.

She tweeted, No. I’m already contracted to do so, I wouldn’t do that to @BMG ,myself, or my fans. But I’m gonna have to move at my pace with this one. #Album8"

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