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Kenosha Violence: 3 Shot, 1 Dead in Another Night of Protests

Gunfire rang out in Kenosha, Wisconsin overnight as protests against the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake  turned violent for a third straight night. At least three people were shot, one was killed. Sheriff David Beth of Kenosha County said his team are working to determine if the shootings stemmed from a conflict between demonstrators and men protecting local businesses. Social media posts from the scene were compared to a war zone. Protesters could be seen smashing car windows and clashing in the streets. Multiple videos were interrupted with the sound of gunshots. Social media posts from the city show armed individuals guarding businesses and armed protesters. The National Guard was on hand to help disperse crowds around the courthouse. Most of the protesters stayed after the 8 p.m. curfew. Protesters throw objects at officers, including fireworks. Tear gas was used to get the crowd to move. Some were hit with rubber bullets.

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