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Keanu Reeves Donated 70% of ‘The Matrix’ Salary to Leukemia Research

Keanu Reeves donated a huge chunk of his earnings from the original “The Matrix” movie to cancer research.

Reeves was paid $10 million upfront for the 1999 sci-fi flick, before earning a further $35 million when the movie became a box office blockbuster.

According to Lad Bible, the actor donated 70% of the money — a whopping $31.5 million — to leukemia research.

The cause was near and dear to Reeves’ heart, as his younger sister, Kim, had been battling the disease for eight years at the time he made the donation.

Kim was diagnosed with blood cancer in 1991, and spent a decade in and out of treatment before finally entering remission in 2001.

Reeves has continued to give money to research in the years after Kim was cured, even creating his own cancer fund.

The “Speed” star secretly set up the nonprofit, which reportedly ran for years without any attention.

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