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Kanye West & Yeezy Sue Walmart for Foam Runner Shoe Rip-Off

Kanye West is going after Walmart for allegedly selling a knockoff version of his well-known foam shoe design at a fraction of the price.

Kanye and his company, Yeezy, claim Walmart copied his famous Yeezy Foam Runner and left customers confused about whether they were buying the real thing or a knock off.

Kanye claims Walmart could be costing Yeezy hundreds of millions of dollars in sales by doing so.

Yeezy introduced its Foam Runner in 2019 and the shoe was released in June 2020, selling out instantly at $75 a pair.

Yeezy claims Walmart then made an "unauthorized exact copy" and has been selling it just under $25 a pair.

Kanye's side claims it sent a legal warning to Walmart and told them to pull the shoes from its site, but they haven’t.

Kanye and Yeezy are suing for major damages.

A Walmart spokesperson claims the shoe is not sold by them and it’s sold by third party Marketplace sellers.

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