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Kanye West Levitates Hundreds Of Feet In The Air at ‘Donda’ Live Album Presentation (Video)

Exactly two weeks ago after Kanye West played his long-awaited “Donda” album for about 42,000 fans in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Kanye held another live album presentation for a slightly smaller crowd of about 35,000.

He stood in a circle of lights on a setup mimicking his makeshift room (bed, candle, shoes) as the song featuring a speech from his beloved late mother Donda West – who died in 2007 and for whom the album is named – played.

Music critics noted the retooled album sounded more cohesive, with more beats and melodies and songs such as “New Again” and the Roddy Ricch feature “Pure Souls” sounding textured and lyrically fulfilling.

Guest shots from Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi, Jadakiss and Griselda also popped up during the nearly 90-minute presentation. But Jay-Z’s appearance on the guitar-buzzing, percussion-heavy “Jail” and The Weeknd’s vocals on “Hurricane” sounded like highlights for fans, who whooped & cheered during both.

Kanye still never spoke, but he stepped up the production element.

As one song featuring the intonation “stay outside…let’s get right” played and the halo video board in the stadium flickered with images of menacing clouds, Kanye dropped to the ground to do pushups while dozens of choir members trotted out from the hallways and filed around the stage.

During the clip-clop catchiness of “Junya” (featuring Playboi Carti), hundreds of additional choir members, dressed head-to-toe in black, walked in an endless circle around the stage. At one point, Kanye appeared to be holding a phone and having a faux (?) argument as the choir burst into heavenly vocals. At another point, he threw a black jacket over himself and raced around the stage before falling to the ground, where he remained for several minutes into the first part of the slow-burning “Remote.”

His song about his impending divorce, “Losing My Family,” was accompanied by more choir members crawling across the stage floor as his mother’s words – “no matter what, you never abandon your family” – chanted in the background and West lay motionless on the bed.

As with the first round of “Donda,” Kanye’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian West, was on site, along with the couple’s children, in a show of support.

AND... Saving his big moment for last, Kanye was shown lying on his back as he was flown on a wire hundreds of feet in the air while his single, "No Child Left Behind," played.

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