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Justin Bieber Brings Back His Dreadlocks and the Criticism That Comes with Them

Justin Bieber brought back his dreadlocks, which is also brought back the cultural appropriation criticism he faced for the hairstyle 5 years ago.

He debuted his new look on Instagram on Sunday and yesterday he shared selfies from his vacation.

Rapper Lil Gnar, who wears his hair in multi-colored dreads, complimented his look by saying, "Dreads goin up.”

However, Justin’s critics lit up the comments section with complaints that he hadn't learned his lesson from the last time he wore his hair like this.

Some fans praised the return of dreadlocks, but one Instagram user claimed "this is cultural appropriation... I know you can do better," while another wrote, "didnt you say you were educating yourself about black culture so what is this foolery."

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