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  • Ed Gaines

Jennifer Hudson Pitching New Talk Show

Oscar-winner and “American Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson is prepping to be a talk show host.

Hudson is pitching a new daytime talker to be produced by the team from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Although not technically an “Ellen” replacement, it would be positioned as Warner Bros. TV’s new flagship daytime talk show now that “Ellen” is ending its run.

“Ellen” executive producers Andy Lassner and Mary Connelly also served as show runners on Hudson’s test show, which was recently shot on the “Ellen” stage and is now being used as part of the pitch to station groups. Those meetings are taking place this week and appear to be going well so far.

The show doesn’t yet have an official title. Much of the specifics are still a work in progress, such as whether the show will feature a DJ or live band, and the balance between segments and guests.

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