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Jasmine Guy Calls Bill Cosby Scandal ‘Heartbreaking’ For The Black Community

“A Different World” actress Jasmine Guy says Bill Cosby’s public fall from grace is ‘heartbreaking’ for the black community.

Guy — who had a starring role on the “Cosby Show” spinoff — says she struggled to believe the allegations at first.

She "couldn’t really put the two images together."

“It’s heartbreaking for those of us in the business that admire him, his talent and his mind — and then as a black person it’s heartbreaking because he meant a lot to the community.”

Accusations of drugging and sexually assaulting women had racked up against Cosby for years, but it took a joke by comedian Hannibal Burress going viral in 2014 to bring fresh eyes to the cases. Eventually convicted of aggravated indecent assault involving accuser Andrea Constand in a Pennsylvania court in 2018 and sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison, Cosby was freed last year on a technicality when the state’s highest court found that a prosecutor’s decades-old agreement with the performer should have shielded him from criminal charges.

Guy says, “I don’t expect people to be perfect and I don’t expect human beings not to falter. I just didn’t understand. I don’t know, there was a meanness behind it that I couldn’t understand.”

Guy says she only met Cosby a handful of times, as they filmed their respective shows on different coasts.

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