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Ice Cube Clarifies Role in Helping Trump Admin Develop ‘Platinum Plan’

Ice Cube took some heat on social media for helping President Trump's administration develop a ‘Platinum Plan’ for Black America.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Ice Cube accused Democrats of brushing aside his Contract with Black America, saying that the party told him they would address the issue “after the election.”

He said that the Trump campaign has spoken to him about the initiative and as a result, “made some adjustments” to the campaign’s “Platinum Plan” — a roadmap for economic, educational, and financial investments in black communities.

The Trump campaign confirmed Ice Cube’s assertion in a statement, adding that Democrats are taking the black vote for granted.

Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson said, “Trump officials reached out to Ice Cube after he posted his Contract With Black America and incorporated some of his ideas and thoughts into the Platinum Plan.  President Trump is listening to Black America while the Democrats continue to take them for granted. Talk is cheap, and President Trump invests in the community to deliver results.”

Ice Cube’s “A Contract with Black America: Addressing Racial Inequality” is a political manifesto that puts forth a “blueprint to achieve racial economic justice.” The rapper introduced the initiative earlier this year, saying that he intended to put pressure on companies, including financial institutions, to invest in black communities and approve more loans to black families and black-owned businesses.

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