• Ed Gaines

Government Tracking How People Move Around In Coronavirus Pandemic

Government officials in the US are using location data from millions of cellphones in an attempt to better understand the movements of Americans during the coronavirus outbreak.   The CDC and state and local governments have started to receive analyses about the presence and movement of people in certain areas taken from cellphone data. The aim is to create a portal that contains data in what could be as many as 500 cities to help plan response to the outbreak.

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During an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussing the ‘stay-at-home’ order says: …”but this has been marvelously embraced by 99.9 percent of people; we see it in the traffic data, we see it in the cell phone data; but we’re going to hunt down that last point-one percent and say: ‘you’ve gotta get inside, you gotta cut it out, and you gotta distance”…

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