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Gilbert Arenas Wins $300,000 In Lottery After Homeless Man Predicted His Fortune He Gave Him A Cut

Retired NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas won $300,000 in California's lottery last week after an encounter with a homeless man, who predicted the ex-Washington Wizards guard would win.

Arenas revealed on Instagram he stopped to get gas before heading to his favorite store to buy his weekly Mega Millions ticket.  He ran into a homeless man who asked for money.  

The former NBA star told him that he only had $10 on him and needed that for gas so he could go play the lottery.  He then softened his stance and offered to use $5 for gas, leaving $5 for the homeless man.

The man then refused the money saying Arenas could give him $20 when he wins the lottery... adding he knew he was going to win.  

He won $300,000 and said he gave the homeless man a cut but wouldn’t say how much. 

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