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  • Ed Gaines

Floyd Mayweather’s Home Was Burglarized, Offers $100K Reward

Floyd Mayweather says his Las Vegas home was burglarized and a bunch of valuable items were taken and now he is offering at least $100,000 for info leading to the arrest of the burglars.

On social media he said, “One’s home is there a sanctuary, place of peace, relaxation and comfort. When someone violates that sanctuary, it is disturbing and hurtful. One of my homes was burglarized in Las Vegas. They stole many valuable handbags and other belongings of substantial value. I am offering at least $100,000 reward for information that leads to the return of my belongings. The level of disrespect and greed it takes for someone to do this is unfathomable. Thank you to anyone who comes forward with any information. God bless.”

It's unclear exactly what was taken or when the alleged burglary went down, but Floyd only recently returned to Vegas after spending a few days in Miami following his fight.

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