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Floyd Mayweather And YouTube Star Jake Paul Scrap After Jake Takes His Hat (Video)

Floyd Mayweather wound up in an altercation at the news conference for his fight against Logan Paul next month.

The scuffle wasn’t with Logan, it was with Logan’s brother Jake.

After Mayweather called both Pauls "fake fighters" and offered to take on both on the same night, Jake Paul confronted the former champion. Jake grabbed Mayweather's white baseball cap and "security" jumped between the two as Mayweather surged toward him.

A scuffle broke out and some punches were apparently thrown in Jake Paul's direction.

After the brawl, Paul could be seen sporting a black eye and a broken tooth in a video he uploaded to Instagram.

Paul claims one of Floyd’s bodyguards hit him in the eye.

Mayweather will face Logan Paul in a pay-per-view event on June 6.

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